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The LASER & ELECTROLYSIS CENTER is a medispa facility that successfully treats a variety of conditions and offers the following services:

  • Hair Removal on all skin types
  • Removal of Pigmented Lesions — Sun, Age, and Brown Spots, Keratosis
  • Elimination of Facial and Leg Veins, Hemangiomas
  • Fraxal Non-Ablative Skin Revitalization & Rejuvenation, Collagen Remodeling and Deep Tissue Tightening on face, neck, hands and chest
  • Acne Scar and Stretch Mark Treatments
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Electrolysis

My expertise in these procedures comes from being an electrologist. Electrologists are trained and educated to be the most experienced in the field of skin and hair. Whether you are male of female, young or old, electrologists really understand the issues of unwanted hair, hormonal imbalances, and the hair growth cycles. A dark hair can have a light or white root, in which case laser will not work. It is this knowledge and expertise that make us best equipped to successfully perform electrolysis and laser hair removal and to achieve superior results on all the cosmetic procedures we offer.

As an electrologist and laser specialist I use techniques and equipment that meet the highest standards to achieve and obtain ideal results for all my patients. I take my responsibilities very seriously. Everyone has the right to feel good about themselves and to radiate the confidence that comes from that. I enjoy and take pride in a job well done and the gratitude of people whose lives I have changed.

This website is designed to provide Honest and Realistic information and expectations about Lasers and Electrolysis.

For additional information and insight read the material presented in this website. Study the facts. Educate yourself. Schedule your free consultation in our office where we will gladly clarify any questions you have on any and all of our procedures.

When you come in, we will:

  • Analyze your skin
  • Take a complete medical history
  • Carefully explain all procedures
  • Individualize and determine the treatment time frames for each procedure
  • Perform a test spot

Then, and only then, can we help you decide and make the right choice as to which methods are best to achieve your goal of beautiful, smooth, clear skin.

Thanks for visiting my site, The Laser & Electrolysis Center.